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Your Décor NYC: a cutting edge Interior Services Company, Born to facilitate the Creative Process! The Perfect BALANCE of Form and Function! “Browse; BE Inspired…Get a Feeling!”

‘NoHo Loft’ @ 250 Mercer St: Duplex Loft with Dramatic 25’+ ceilings.

-Creatively Designed and Directed by: Rose Praino- Project Managed and Produced by: Frank Praino

‘FiDi Luxury’ @ Barclay Towers: Perfect Balance of Form and Function. Home Office- Yep, those are white birch trees installed directly into the ceiling!

-Creatively Designed and Directed by: Rose Praino- Project Managed and Produced by: Frank Praino

‘FiDi Luxury’ @ Barclay Towers: Perfect Balance of Form and Function. Living Room- Simplicity meets Elegance!

-Creatively Designed and Directed by: Rose Praino- Project Managed and Produced by: Frank Praino

‘The Grand Tier’ @ Lincoln Center: Art Inspired, Comfort Zone!

-Creatively Designed and Directed by: Rose Praino- Project Managed and Produced by: Frank Praino

‘NoHo Loft’ @ 250 Mercer St: Duplex Loft

-Creatively Designed and Directed by: Rose Praino- Project Managed and Produced by: Frank Praino

10 Minutes w/ Rose Praino....Featured in Brick Underground

10 Minutes w/ Rose Praino by Annabel Lee

10 Minutes with Rose Praino: Touching up (and custom-fitting) NYC apartments until they're move-in ready.......

For eight years, Rose Praino and her husband, Frank, have run Your Decor NYC, a handyman/design/contractor service that does bite-sized jobs for New York City apartment dwellers.  No job is too small, but some are too big. 

The Prainos met as real estate agents at Prudential Douglas Elliman, and they work throughout Manhattan and Riverdale.
We spoke with Rose to get the inside scoop....... 
Follow link to read complete article........10 Minutes w/ Rose Praino

{ Interior Services }

Interior Services : Art work Installations, Flat Screen TV Mounting, Window Treatment Installation, Light Fixtures, Wire Management, ETC........... 

For the Real Estate Professional:
With NYC's Unique Real Estate Market in mind, Franks experience as a Broker for Douglas Elliman and Leasing Consultant for Glenwood Management, lead him to develop a company with an innate understanding of  what improvements will make an apartment more marketable and what can done to rejuvenate a newly purchased apartment simply and efficiently. Either way Your Decor NYC is the ultimate resource for RE Professionals. 

So, whether its having your exclusive listing updated or helping a relocation client settle in, Your Decor NYC should be on the first page of your little black book.

Your Decor NYC has streamlined the moving in process by providing a full range of Interior Services to meet your needs. [ See below For the Homeowner ]

Example: A listing has been on the market for several weeks with no interest. The owner has lived in the space for years. The apartment looks dated, the bathroom could use a renovation, and the walls are smudged up. The solution is a REJUVENATION- fresh paint on the walls, new caulk and grout in the bathrooms, and new lighting fixtures can mean the difference between a quick sale and months on the market.

To The Trade:
Our services have been developed to be an essential service To The Trade. Understanding the complexities and sensitivity of a project is our foremost concern. Helping designers develop and implement their conceptual designs has been a core focus from the inception of Your Decor NYC.
Often times a project falls between to complicated for a handyman and to small for a contractor so we've claimed the middle ground!

Example: After months of planning and scheduling all the items arrive (fingers crossed undamaged). There are mirrors, shelves and pictures to be installed, TV's to be mounted, drapes to be hung,  lighting fixtures to changed out and hooks to go behind the bathroom door. Just give us your list and some direction and we will meticulously bring it all together.

For the Home Owner:
Example: The Day after Move In Day. So most of the boxes have been unpacked and their are nice neat little (big) piles of pictures, shelves, lighting fixtures, hooks, curtain rods...etc.....It could take weeks or months to go through the piles and several moves around the room until something is done with them.

We have streamlined the moving process therefore eliminating the mess. Our teams is trained to come in and and work through all of your needs. You may need a couple hours or a full day. By the end Your Decor will be well placed and balanced creating a harmonious space.

The below pictures of a project we did on the UWS. We started with interior painting and then on to the installations. We installed solar shades to protect the artwork, stationary drapery panels to soften and even out the windows, light fixtures, and mounted the flat screen TV.

Grand Tier NYC

Grand Tier NYC

Grand Tier NYC

Pottery Barn Design Studio Submission

Barclay Towers, NYC, NY

Pottery Barn


The Home Office area is located in the entry area and is also part of the living room. We needed something that had both "beauty and utility". This area is far from any natural light and is dark. So lighting was essential!
As a design element we added a deconstructed tree, bring the outside in. This area became a great conversation piece rather than something we were trying to hide or disguise.Pottery Barn

Bohemian stay in all day....

                        With the arrival of blistery weather my mind is on one thing.....cozy bohemian beds!


                                                                                                  the bohemian girl

                                                                                                      from moon to moon


                                                                                                        elizabeth aquino

                                                                                                                 dragon fruit
                                                                                                        urban lifestyle decor
                                                                                                        the bohemian girl

                                                                                                                 maison boheme


Color Mix 2012

                                                                        "Analogous palettes that stay beautifully close to home are today’s dominant color story, according to Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “You can do so many great things within a single color family.”
But rather than traditional tone-on-tone, we’re experimenting with different values within color families to discover vibrant palettes that break the mold."

I conquer! There is something very soothing about tone on tone. One way to ensure success to the tone on tone color selections is to carefully consider the light value on each wall . Different walls will take the light in differently throughout the day, either casting shadows or washing out subtle colors. 

Another way to add interest within the tone on tone spectrum is to experiment with different textures, stripes, or paint finishes. 


                                                                                              Bierman Design



Our Top 5 Mirrors from Etsy

Vintage Shabby Chic Ornate Wall Mirror / Wall Mirror with Shelf Made by Syroco Wood / Distressed, Home Decor, Wedding Decor
                                                                 White Shabby Chic

                                      Small Ornate Vintage-style Mirror- aqua blue
                                                            Turquoise Mirror

                                    Reproduction Art Nouveau Angel Mirror
                                                         Art Nouveau Mirror

Vintage Syroco Chinoiserie Red Lacquer MIRRORS (the pair)  Shabby Chic Wall  Mirror Set . . . 7 x 9 inches

Vintage Gold Faux Bamboo Wall Mirror

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All I Want is............Black Crow Studios Watercolor Paper!











Couldn't Have said it Better Myself!

I came across this insightful post today. So often we have had to go down the checklist with clients when compared to our suburban counterparts.

Why NYC renovations cost so bloody much

The Situation:
I get this phone call all the time: "My contractor just came in with a $50K price on my bathroom, but I got my bathroom in the country done for $10K. What gives?"
While tile, fixtures and lights cost the same no matter where you live--courtesy of the Internet--the price of labor varies widely, and here's why: City contractors face an array of challenges their suburban and rural counterparts don't.

Here's the deal:
• Your co-op or condo requires anywhere from $2-5 million in liability insurance. Some buildings additionally require $1 million on the contractor's vehicles, in case he dings a tree out front. The cost of all this insurance is passed directly on to you.
• The super, elevator operator, and janitor can all make life easy or hard for the contractor. Making life easy means hundreds of dollars in tips throughout the course of a renovation.
• A city contractor typically pays enough annually in parking tickets to warrant hiring a dedicated driver.
• The service elevator and winding back entrance costs your contractor money every day: To unload his tools, haul rented trash containers, receive "sidewalk only" deliveries costs him 45-90 minutes each trip.
• Work hours in co-ops are restricted to 7-8 hours per day, and often the service elevator shuts down for lunch. A crew of six stopping 30 minutes early to clean up and change equals a loss of two full workdays each week.
• Lastly, as with other professions, the standards are higher here in Manhattan. Some of the most talented craftspeople in the world work here, and they demand top dollar (in my opinion, deservedly). No one has made a show called "Top Contractor"--yet.


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